It’s another unusual Thanksgiving in our home. We’re not traveling and we’re not hosting because of a combination of factors. The pressure to cook an intense, typical Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t there.

Thanksgiving for us feels different because unlike many of the Jewish holidays, I don’t have the preparation restrictions. I can cook on the same day and keep things in the oven until I’m ready to serve. That’s much simpler than trying to figure out when I can take dishes on or off of an electric hot plate.

Combine this with a few other factors (like a family that already eats a crazy amount of Turkey because of a chicken allergy) and my plans for Thanksgiving are going to be just a bit unusual. We’re going appetizer-themed because it will make one more family meal together seem just a little different. And, maybe, being special will help us be grateful just a little bit more.


Tuna steaks (I’m planning on searing the tuna steaks in the air fryer to see how it holds in the flavor), fish sticks (I can’t guarantee that everyone will eat the tuna. Fish sticks are easy to throw together), sweet potato casserole, cheesy broccoli




Sloppy joes (yes, this is going to be a hot mess to clean up from, but it’s a fun meal), Brussel sprouts




Sliders (excited to try making these, maybe on homemade rolls), onion rings (hoping to make these in the air fryer – it’s a gamble, but I hate frying in oil) , barbecue wings (one of the kids is addicted to these from a local restaurant – hoping to duplicate it at home , no fry poppers (the link is to a fried version of the recipe, but the Dinner Done cookbook has a no fry option that I’m making), Abba fries, green bean casserole (leaving in one traditional dish that I don’t that my kids have ever had), Caesar salad


Zucchini soup, peach bourbon meatballs (this was such a hit earlier in the fall that I wanted to bring it back), rice with caramelized onions (Paula Shoyer’s recipe has become a hit in our home), roasted vegetable


Mac and cheese (let’s be honest I’m going to cheat – we’re going with boxed. Everytime I make it from scratch, the kids just don’t like it as much), eggplant parmigiana, pizza quiche, salad