Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits

As parents, our goal is to help our kids develop into young adults who are self-sufficient and ready to face the challenges of the outside world. To do this, we need to think about the habits that we will give our children so that they will have the tools that they need. To create kid habits, we need the right parenting strategies.

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits are short videos about specific parenting strategies that you can use to help your child develop the skills they need to be successful adults in the future.

Reading to Your Toddler

We all want to read to our kids. But it can be a bit of a challenge to read to your toddler. They won't sit still when reading, try to turn the pages, or just simply lose interest. Here are some tips to help get them engaged in reading.

A Minute to Kvetch

All kids whine and kvetch. It seems to be a given. But, it can be annoying, particularly when it happens all of the time. How do we channel the kvetching so that it doesn't drive us nuts while still allowing and encouraging our children to share how they feel?...

Asking the Right Question

It can be rough having those difficult conversations with our kids. We often start with the assumption that they will open up right away with us about all they know about complicated topics like sex, divorce, or drugs. But our approach, particularly how we ask the...