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Reading can take us to far away lands and distant shores or bring us new and exciting knowledge. Not every child, however, learns to read at the same pace and level of fluency. Extra support at home and school can often help a struggling reader develop stronger reading skills.

Book Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do

Amy Morin likes to count to thirteen. I'm not sure why, but she's now counted to thirteen four times, once for each of her popular books. Morin's books are based upon her experience as a psychotherapist and as a foster parent. Her parenting advice is gathered in 13...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Getting Kids Reading, Part III

Like most skills, reading needs to be practiced in order for fluency to be built. As parents, we are critical to helping encouraging the necessary reading practice and beyond that, a love of reading. Join the Innovative Dad for part three of this series on encouraging...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Getting Kids Reading, Part II

What does your toolbox for getting your children reading look like? Here are a few more strategies to help encourage reading at home in part two of this three-part series. https://youtu.be/eSga9Z60mpA

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Getting Kids Reading, Part I

Reading is a critical life skill that needs to be encouraged and nurtured in our children. But doing so is easier said than done. Some children become instant avid reader while others who have the skills are still reluctant readers. Join the Innovative Dad for a...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Listening to Audio Books in the Car

For most of us, long car rides with the kids are something that we dread just a little. Sure, we can hand them an iPad or put a movie on in the car to keep them placated, but we often feel guilty about doing that. Try this latest "Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits"...

How Parents Can Ignite Your Child’s Interest in Reading

It's Read Across America Week in most schools this week. We often focus on the mechanics of reading without paying as much attention as we should to whether or not a child is enjoying reading. As parents, we play a significant role in building our children's interest...

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