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Integrating gratitude into our lives can improve our mental and physical health. The power of giving thanks shouldn’t be limited to just the holidays, but rather a regular practice that allows us to gain perspective and build resilience.

The Power of Gratitude

Sometimes, you don't know the power of a practice until you've had the opportunity to really use it yourself. I've written and talked about the power of gratitude on this blog and with patients, students, and their families. I've emphasized it with my own kids and...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Gratitude Games and Activities

Who doesn't want their kids to show more gratitude? Encouraging kids to be thankful can be a challenge, though. Turning it into a gratitude game or activity can make saying thank you just a little bit more fun. https://youtu.be/APwusZHhoqg More Gratitude Game...

Parenting Strategy to Kid Habit: Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is something we all want to have and we want to have our kids to demonstrate it, too. But, in our busy world, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to say thank you. Using a gratitude challenge is one strategy to promote it....

Making Gratitude a Habit

We all want our kids to be thankful for things, but it can be a struggle to get them to show some gratitude even just occasionally. The challenge is modeling it for them and setting the stage to make gratitude a habit. https://youtu.be/GtYgHQ4yfL4

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Helping Kids Develop Gratitude

It's never too late to help your kids learn to be grateful. Gratitude helps them show appreciation and can help them be mindful of their own actions. https://youtu.be/MnmXyhcwmFw

Gratitude, Community, and Superstorm Sandy – A Reflection 5 Years Later

It's been a little more than 5 years, plus two moves since Sandy entered our lives and created chaos, upheaval, and community. I wrote this post in the weeks following Superstorm Sandy's devastating path across Long Island. I had heard horror stories from my students,...


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