Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness is our ability to be fully present and in the moment. It encourages us to be intensely aware of what we are doing, feeling, and sensing, but without judgment.

Mindfulness practices can be beneficial for parent and child alike. Research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness has the following benefits.


  •  Support emotional self-regulation
  • Provide a buffer against feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Improve working memory
  • Increase the focus on individual strengths
  • Help build resilience and address feelings of stress

Grounding: It’s Not What You Think

Grounding usually evokes images of kids sent to their rooms having lost a long list of privileges from screens to socializing for some challenging behavior. Generally, it's something our kids strive to avoid and it's a punishment that we reserve for significant...

Hot Chocolate Breathing

It's cold outside and time to start thinking of warm drinks and sitting by the fire. While you are sipping your hot chocolate, take a moment to use it to practice breathing calming and pushing the holiday stress away. Watch this video to learn how you and your kids...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: The Mindful SEAT

We all get aggravated and frustrated from time to time. Here's a mindfulness strategy that we can teach to our older kids to help them (and us) calm down. https://youtu.be/bZJ1eNDPAFg

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: STOP Practice

Sometimes, there is so much going on that we need to stop just to get our heads screwed back on correctly. Using this STOP strategy can help you and your kids do just that. https://youtu.be/sVkNyRPRGms More Parenting Strategies Mindfulness and Parenting: What’s the...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Figure 8 Breathing

Sometimes a simple strategy to can help you be more mindful and reduce your anxiety. Try out this figure 8 breathing technique to help your kids (and you) be more mindful and combat anxiety. https://youtu.be/vj1ciEL7DBc More Resources Anxiety: What Is It and How Does...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Relaxing Your Kids Using a Body Scan

Our kids are surrounded by millions of stimuli all day competing for their attention. So much is happening that they often struggle with listening to their own bodies or are challenged with calming themselves down. Try out this body scan technique to help your kids...

Mindfulness and Parenting: What’s the Story?

Talk about mindfulness seems to be everywhere. There's mindfulness books, seminars, and apps. But what is mindfulness? And can it be useful to me as a parent? Watch to get a primer on mindfulness and how you can use it as a parent. Resources Teddy Bear Breathing...

5 Steps Towards a More Mindful Bedtime

Bedtime rituals are incredibly important. We treasure our memories of reading to our children, getting snuggles and kisses, and carefully tucking them into bed. Yet, in many households, these rituals end up by the wayside in the rush to get the kids asleep so the...

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