Resources for Promoting Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills refers to the cognitive processes that help us plan and organize. Serving as the “CEO” or “manager” of the brain, they help us develop goals, plan how to achieve the goal, identify the resources needed, and determine if we have reached the goal.

Executive functioning skills are a key part of child and adolescent development that are critical for future life success, not just in school, but beyond. We use executive functioning skills to help us:

  • Manage time
  • Plan and organize
  • Develop strategies
  • Pay attention
  • Remember details

When they don’t work, kids can have trouble starting and completing tasks in a timely manner, generating ideas independently, or struggle to understand that planning is needed to complete a project. The challenge is that we don’t always teach these skills explicitly, yet we expect our kids to use them.

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Just Exactly What is Executive Functioning

There is a lot of talk about executive functioning and it has nothing to do with how well the CEO of a company is doing. Instead, executive functioning (EF for short) is how your brain manages the resources that it has to work with. You can think of EF as the manager...

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Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Getting Your Kid to Think about Thinking

Metathinking means thinking about thinking and this is a challenging skill for our children. It takes time and the development of some executive functioning skills to help build it up. Here's a strategy to help encourage it along. https://youtu.be/zZ-l8EFfyg8

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No matter how strong the routine, nothing seems to withstand the whirlwind of a tween or teen arriving home after school. Bookbags are dropped (usually in the wrong place) and things begin exploding all over the place. You start with the usual round of questions: "How...

Answer a Question with a Question

With our kids at home all the time now due to COVID-19, helping them build better executive functioning skills is incredibly important. These skills will help them build more independence and will serve them well at home and at school. Here's one strategy to help you...

Alexa, Help Me with My Executive Functioning

I didn't think that we were going to be one of those houses that was going to get an Alexa. I was wrong. We now have one in almost every room of the house. The voice-controlled speaker provides more than just a place to stream music or ask ridiculous questions. Over...

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