Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to Mexican food. Sure, we occasionally had tacos, but it wasn’t a cuisine that we went out to eat. In fact, my idea of a Mexican meal was to microwave a platter of tortilla chips with salsa and cheese on them which is something that makes me cringe now.

Lucky for me, I married a woman from Los Angeles who introduced me to a much wider world of Mexican foods and now, I simply get enough Mexican food. I’m reading Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Norsat right now and Mexican food with its blends of fats and spices highlights the umami taste that she writes about.

While I don’t think we’ve ever been organized enough to actually have tacos on a Tuesday, a Mexican meal plan can be more that tacos or nachos. Try exploring these ideas to broaden your menu.

Mexican meal ideas list - text on webpage

Spicy Starters

Green and White Nachos 

Unforgettable Guacamole

Chilaquiles Rojo

Pico de Gallo

Instant Pot Homemade Salsa

Air Fryer Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)

Mexican Mains


Easy Fish Tacos

Crispy Beach Fish Tacos 

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls 

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas  

Air Fryer Chimichangas with Spicy Queso

Side Dishes

Instant Pot Mexican Rice 

Mexican Coleslaw With Cilantro Lime Dressing

Instant Pot Refried Beans  

Cilantro Lime Rice

Instant Pot Mole Sauce

Delicioso Desserts

Air Fryer Churros with Chocolate Sauce

“Fried” Ice Cream

Easy Mexican Flan


Mexican Hot Chocolate