This is a question that I have gotten a lot lately. And they are right. Menu planning seems an odd choice of topics. I’m not a chef or a nutritionist. What could I possibly have to say about this topic?

I am, however, a dad and responsible for feeding my family every day. Not to mention someone who talks to parents about the challenges of feeding their families whether we’re discussing picky eaters, sensory concerns, or helping kids build a sense of responsibility. My conversations with parents about food are a mix of angst, excitement, frustration, and joy.

We thrive on food and stress about food. Food can mean love and it can bring on anxiety or fear.

In other words, food, and by reflection meal planning, is about the human experience. And, as a psychologist, this is where I want to have conversations.

It’s not just about what I’m thinking about cooking (although there are plenty of links to great recipes, including some of my own!). It’s about dealing with allergies, keeping cooking exciting, and engaging your kids in the kitchen. It’s another place where we can experience the full breadth of parenting.

How we choose to feed our families and even how much choice we feel we have with it can tell us a lot about the parenting journey that we are on. It can even tell us about what we value and whether we are living our values.

So, if you haven’t spotted one of my meal plans on Facebook or Instagram, please take a look. Join the conversation about feeding our families with me on social media or drop a comment on the website!

Bon Appetit!