As we got ready for winter break, we had yet another cold weather, outdoor playdate over the weekend. It lasted longer than expected but still ended the same way that most of these outdoor playdates have, with chattering teeth and complaints of being too cold. Yet, with unvaccinated kids, we’re still reluctant to bring playdates indoors.

Winter break is almost here which means a solid ten plus days of keeping the kids entertained, occupied, and their COVID exposure mitigated (have I mentioned how much I want to make sure that they can go back to school in person in January?). For some, this will be a challenge because they need to quarantine in order to visit relatives or return to school. For others, it will be tough because the cold weather makes it challenging to gather with friends or they are hunkering down to avoid contracting the Omicron variant.

When I first compiled a list of COVID-19 resources in March 2020, like everyone, I didn’t think that I would still be thinking about how to mitigate my family’s exposure as we entered 2022. With winter upon us, we’re going to need a new list of resources to help keep our kids entertained, occupied, and safe. Here a are few ideas to help you out:

25 Indoor Winter Break Activities

  1. Paper airplanes
  2. Make calming jars
  3. Cook dinner
  4. Bake cakes, muffins, or cookies
  5. Plant an indoor herb garden
  6. Decorate t-shirts with fabric markers
  7. Make friendship bracelets
  8. Make a bird feeder
  9. Paint with water colors
  10. Orgami
  11. Pillow fight
  12. Build a fort
  13. Film a movie using iMovie or other easy to use software tools
  14. Learn to code
  15. Put on a fashion show
  16. Yoga
  17. Build an obstacle course
  18. Play a board game or design one – check out these cooperative games!
  19. Go on a scavenger hunt
  20. Learn to juggle
  21. Dance party!
  22. Lipsyncing contest
  23. Make care packages for soldiers, old age homes, or other groups in need
  24. Build a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti
  25. Perler bead art

If you get stuck, try this four-step process for dealing with your kids when they say they are bored. Plus here are some strategies from when we dealt with our first winter of COVID-19.