When I get stuck putting the menu together each week, I’ll often start thinking about themes. Just like themes help writing (shout out to my English teacher friends out there), themes for your menu can help you find a central idea or cuisine to help you wrap your menu ideas around.

Menu Themes

Here are a few ideas for menu themes that you can play with:


Ethnic nights (e.g. Mexican, Asian)

Holidays (e.g. Hannukah, Thanksgiving)

Small plates (tapas or appetizers can be all sorts of fun!)

Breakfast (yes, it can be a dinner meal, too!)

What would you add to this list of possible meal themes?

Menu Plan

Text of menu plan


Turkey fajitas (the recipe is really for chicken fajitas, but since we can’t all eat chicken, I’ll be making a swap. This is new culinary territory for the kids, so dinner may be interesting), Mexican rice




Grilled cheese (you can jazz this up for adults by adding grilled onions and other veggies or make it In-and-Out style – ask someone from the West coast what this is), tomato soup (who doesn’t want to dip grilled cheese into tomato soup), kale quiche (this was supposed to be spinach, but someone forgot to read the label when shopping)


Beer battered fish and chips




Dijon-maple drumsticks with Brussel sprouts and butternut squash, drunken salami with sweet potatoes


Grilled salmon with a miso-honey glaze, pizza quiche, butternut squash souffle, sesame noodles with toppings