The start of the school year and the quickly approaching fall Jewish holidays means simpler meals and raiding the deep freezer. There will be plenty of cooking this week, just not for eating right away.

For a long time, our deep freezer was a place where dishes went to get lost and forgotten, only to emerge with inedible freezer burn. To keep us groom wasting for that we had planned on eating one day, we now keep an inventory taped to the freezer door. It’s not a perfect document as sometimes things come out or go in without the inventory getting edited, but it helps keep track of what’s generally in there.

On weeks like these where there are many moving parts, the deep freezer becomes our go to place to put a menu together. Knowing that we can cobble together a meal from it with just a little thawing gives us a little peace of mind in an otherwise hectic week.

Sunday – Nachos, fish sticks – Got inspired by this recipe from Eitan Bernath to make my own queso to cover some loaded nachos. Fish sticks are a back up in case someone doesn’t like what’s on the nachos.

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Fish and chips, cut veggies

Wednesday – Leftovers – Two nights of leftovers might be pushing it, but with the kids back in school, they aren’t reading them for lunch.

Thursday – Shakshuka, French toast casserole

Friday – Hot and sour soup, saucy sesame turkey, orange beef, fried rice, egg rolls – Another yummy looking recipe from Dinner Done as I push myself to explore the cookbooks that we already own.

Saturday РCholent, deli meat, broccoli soufflé, cut veggies