This week, when I asked my kids for input into what we should eat, I was met with a table full of blank stares. Needless to say, this wasn’t encouraging.

Clearly, a dose of inspiration was needed.

One of my kids grabbed a kid-friendly cookbook and started calling out recipes. Pretty soon, the meal plan was done.

Sometimes, you just need a jolt of inspiration to get things moving.

Enchiladas – basically tortillas stuffed with rice, beans, veggies, and cheese covered in this yummy sauce. Then, add more cheese and bake. Freezes well, too!

Dairy leftovers

Meat leftovers – Large meals over the weekend means multiple meals made from leftovers. Extras will find there way into lunches for the rest of the week.


Scrambled eggs
French toast casserole – Simpler than dredging leftover bread in milk and eggs.

Hot and sour soup
Drunken hasselback salami
Cornish hen with sherry, orange & rosemary – sounds complicated but is really easy.
Israeli cous cous – possibly with sautéed onions and mushrooms
Squash soufflé

Yellow squash soup
Spinach quiche
Teriyaki salmon
Pizza bubble ring – based on a recipe in Kosher by Design: Kids in the Kitchen
Cut veggies
Various dips