Looking back at 2018 as a parent, is there something that you had wished you did a little different? Is there a parenting strategy or skill that you wished that you had used a little bit more? Or a conversation that you wished you had with your child?

The change of the calendar gives us an opportunity to hit the reset switch on our parenting skills and commit to a more innovative style of parenting. Can we add a resolution about being better parents to our list of resolutions for the upcoming year?

Over the course of the past year, I have shared a number of videos with you. Each designed to get you to think a little bit more about your parenting strategies and how to approach some of the more complicated topics that face parenting. As you think about that parenting New Year’s resolution, here are the top five videos from 2018.

How to Talk to Children about Violence

Parenting Strategy Video - How to Talk to Children about Violence

Like many, I’m still reeling from shooting after shooting this year. For parents, it is difficult to figure out how to talk to our children about acts of violence, particularly when we struggle with understanding them ourselves.

This video contains guidance on how to have those conversations

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Parenting Strategy Video - Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Emotional intelligence – psychobabble or important skill? Watch as we explore what emotional intelligence is, why it’s important, and how we as parents can promote it in our children.

School Readiness: Preparing Kids for Kindergarten and Beyond

Parenting Strategy video - School Readiness: Preparing Kids for Kindergarten and Beyond

The school year may already be underway, but we still need to think about how we support and prepare our children for successful learning experiences. Watch for tips on how to help your child be successful this school year.

Mindfulness and Parenting: What’s the Story?

Parenting Strategy video - Mindfulness and Parenting: What's the Story?

Talk about mindfulness seems to be everywhere. There’s mindfulness books, seminars, and apps. But what is mindfulness? And can it be useful to me as a parent? Watch to get a primer on mindfulness and how you can use it as a parent.

Whine, Whine, Go Away! Tips for Handling Whining

Parenting Strategy Video - Whine, Whine, Go Away! Tips for Handling Whining

Let’s be honest. Whining makes us want to put our fingers in our ears and tell our kids that we just can’t hear them. The problem is that every kid tries this behavior and some of them turn it into an art form. What if we could figure what was causing the whining and stop it without giving in to a child’s every whim?