With a new year almost upon us, many of us are thinking back on the kind of parents we were in 2018. Being reflective can be a little scary, but if we don’t look back, it makes looking forward even harder. The upcoming new year gives us an opportunity to commit to being better, more innovative parents for our children which means we might need to think about a new parenting strategy or two.

Today, I’ll be highlighting some of the most-read blog posts on the site during 2018. Perhaps they will get you thinking about how you want to approach parenting in 2019.

What’s for Dinner? Our Dinner Menu Plan

Planning dinner each night can be a royal pain. Too many different likes and dislikes, plus hectic after-school schedules can make even the most passionate family cook panic. What if there was a better way to plan?

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emotional vocabulary; emojis; building emotion words for kids

No Really, How Are You Feeling: Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Kids

Crayon box - emotions - Are you introducing your child to a wider range of emotional colors?

When was the last time that you told someone that you were feeling 🐵📣🎉? Or described your emotional state as awumbuk (the emptiness you feel after your house guests depart)?

Building our kids emotional vocabulary (and our own) is a critical part of helping us navigate our feelings in a way that goes beyond just the characters in Inside Out.

What if we had tools to expand the words that we used to describe our feelings?

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Victorious child - finding parenting bright spots

The Victories That You Get: Putting Parenting in Perspective

Are you finding yourself stuck in the negative when thinking about your kids? Can you find the bright spots that help you celebrate even the smallest of victories?

It’s not always easy, but sometimes, we need to celebrate our parenting victories, even when they aren’t the big ones we were looking for.

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Priming Your Kids to Go Back to School: 7 Tips for Parents

Starting a new school year is an exciting opportunity to see growth and development in your children. With just a little help from us, our kids can be primed to start successfully.

Starting a new school year is an exciting opportunity to see growth and development in your children. With just a little help from us, our kids can be primed to successfully head back to school.

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Thinking Differently about Our Kids’ Fears

Might it be that how we think about our children’s fears is part of the challenge of dealing with them? We need to challenge our assumptions about our kids’ anxieties.

How we think about our kids’ fears and how we choose to respond to them can have a major impact on how they behave.

Read more to help think about parenting strategies for dealing with fear and anxiety.

I hope that these posts have been food for thought as you think about the parent that you want to be in the coming year.

Have a favorite post that I missed? Tell me about it in the comment section.

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