2020 was rough and while 2021 entered with a lot of hope, it brought its own parenting challenges as we struggled to return to something that felt like normal. Instead of a smooth exit from the pandemic, life has been more like a roller coaster ride where you aren’t sure whether there is one more sudden drop or loop ahead. We’re grateful that so many of you turn to the Innovative Dad for guidance and support for your parenting journey. Our goal is to support you whether the roller coaster of life is going up, down, or in a complete circle.

Looking back at 2021, here are the top posts that you turned to for support during yet another crazy year.

  1. Coronavirus Resources for Parents
    It’s not surprising that our list of resources for dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 is at the top of the list. We’re all riding this particular struggle train.
  2. Taking the Road Less Travelled
    With some new safety precautions, road trips are happening again and sometimes they lead to unexpected results.
  3. 504 Plans vs. IEPs: Does It Matter?
    There are differences between the laws that guide these two different ways of supporting kids in our public schools. Understanding them can help you navigate the waters for your child.
  4. Don’t Be an Emotional Buildozer
    Listening to our kids’ emotions and not telling them how to feel is important.
  5. Guided Imagery Resources
    This is a great addition to any bedtime routine and a wonderful way to teach your kids to self-soothe. My favorite place to think about when using guided imagery? Definitely the beach in Hawaii. What’s yours?
  6. No, Really How Are You Feeling: Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary for Kids
    Getting our kids to communicate about their emotions is the secret sauce is helping to tame temper tantrums and meltdowns.
  7. Avoiding the Lead Parent Trap, Part 2
    Here is some practical advice for leveling the playing field when one parent is perceived as being in charge all the time by schools, camps, and other places for kids.
  8. 7 Cooperative Board Games to Try for Family Game Night
    Tired of playing Monopoly or Sorry? Check out these games for a twist on the classic challenges of who won the game.
  9. Rock-a-Bye Baby: Real Guidance for Parents about Sleeping
    Getting your kids to sleep through the night is a monumental occasion. Here are some tips for deeling with sleep challenges.
  10. Oh Omicron: 25 Stay at Home Activities for Winter Break during a COVID Surge
    Just when you thought we were done with delta, omicron arrived. Here are ideas for keeping your kids active inside when you are uncomfortable being out.