The onslaught of fall Jewish holidays continues this week with the start of Sukkot. The exciting part of this holiday is the opportunity to gather with friends in our Sukkah (think non-permanent gazebo). Ironically, these meals were COVID-19 friendly before we knew that it was easier to host friends outside during the pandemic.

Unlike the High Holidays of the past two weeks, Sukkot is a more relaxed holiday. It starts Mon. evening and I’ve tried to keep the menu in line with that spirit, looking for foods that were fun to make or fun to eat.

Sunday – Pizza, salad – We’re celebrating a birthday and the birthday girl requested take-out. I’m not complaining. As much fun as cooking is, it’s nice to have someone else handled the heavy lifting.

Monday – Zucchini soup (this is a house favorite and you can use zucchini or yellow summer squash. It can be served hot or cold – we prefer it hot), no fry hot poppers (this is one of my favorite takeout dishes but I don’t enjoy trying to fry anything in a skillet. This is an experiment to see if I can duplicate the yumminess in the oven.), Abba fries (this is really just French fries slathered in Old Bay made using the air fryer – the name is courtesy of my kids), carrot souffl√©, salad

Tuesday – Sedona soup (I’ve never had the Sedona white corn tortilla soup at California Pizza Kitchen that this recipe is modeled after but variations on it have been a hit in our house), bourbon peach meatballs (these were such a hit that I can’t wait to serve the second half of the batch I made), rice with caramelized onions (this yummy recipe is from Paula Shoyer’s Instant Pot cookbook – something you should definitely take a look at it if you like cooking with your Instant Pot), sweet chili green beans

Wednesday – Salad soup, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, gnocchi, roast broccoli – this is a low key meal following so many holiday meals.

Thursday – Leftovers – Did you really think that I was cooking this night?

Friday – Sheet pan shawarma*, rice, salads

Saturday – Deli, knishes, cut veggies