Someone once said that no plan survives encounter with the enemy. While this was probably intended as a reflection on the challenges of planning for war, I’ve frequently noticed that this also applies for my meal planning efforts. In our case, however, it’s not enemy tanks and airplanes that are the issue, but changes in schedules, the flighty appetites of four children, the occasional missing ingredient, and a cook who sometimes decides that he can’t handle any more time in the kitchen.

Looking at last week, there were a number of changes during the week. First, dinner didn’t really happen on Sunday because we at lunch so late. Instead, I threw together some fun appetizers for us to nibble on and watch a movie with the kids. Later in the week, we realized that we had more meat leftovers than we thought and a third night of leftovers replaced pizza night. We rolled into the weekend mostly with the meal plan intact, minus the exciting sounding pizza bubble ring – mostly because I had forgotten to make the pizza dough in advance.

I’ll be curious to see what happens to the meals that we’ve planned for the upcoming week.

Share your about your attempts to meal plan in the comments below!

Hamburgers, corn, grilled squash

Enchiladas, quesadillas

Meat leftovers


Dairy leftovers

Gefilte fish, meatballs Р2 ways (another yummy recipe from Susie Fishbein Рthe kids like the sweet and sour and the adults like the brown sugar), Israeli cous cous, cranberry-apple kugel, spinach soufflé

Cholent, carrot kugel, chicken nuggets, cut veggies, dips