We haven’t had a normal week in almost a month. And, to be frank, there really wasn’t anything normal about that week since school was starting. This week marks the kids’ first full week of school and our first full week of work for this school year. This means that we really have no idea what our new “normal” routine looks or feels like.

Sure, I’ve looked at the calendar and intellectually I know when the after school activities are, which nights I’m working late, and even when a committee meeting is. But, I don’t know what it feels like and this creates a bit of uncertainty. I’m really just guessing on which nights I think I need fast meals and which nights I might be able to prep a little bit right before we sit down. Until we have a week or two under our belts, I won’t really have a sense of how the new “normal” flows.

In the meantime, I will just need to be a bit flexible which probably means more cooking in advance than I want to do. This means a more hectic Sunday but perhaps one that will save me some stress later in the week when I forget when I have to leave to pick up from basketball practice or dance.

Graphic display of menu plan for 10-3

This Week’s Menu

Sunday – Pizza
Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Shakshouka, bourekas, salad
Wednesday – Pretzel dogs (my kids that don’t like hot dogs love it when my wife wraps the hot dogs in pretzel dough), corn on the cob, cut veggies
Thursday – Fish and chips – (trying out a new air fryer recipe using a beer batter because I never remember to buy bread crumbs in advance), Brussel sprouts
Friday – French onion soup (I make this in the Instant Pot, modifying the directions from Susie Fishbein’s Kids in the Kitchen cookbook – easy and yummy!), sweet and sour meatballs, popcorn cauliflower, rice with caramelized onions (we loved this recipe so much from Paula Shoyer’s Instant Pot cookbook that I’m making it again)
Saturday – Bagels and lox (this is a simple dinner as we’re out of the house for lunch.)