Hi! I’m Dr. Ari Yares, The Innovative Dad.

I’m a licensed psychologist and father of four helping parents use innovation and psychology to make raising kids easier.

ONLINE COURSE: Dealing with Temper Tantrums and Other Behavioral Challenges

Temper tantrums can be hard to deal with. They stress us out and we get embarrassed when others see us and our child at our worst. Learn concrete strategies to help manage your child’s behavior when it goes off the rails.

The Innovative Dad

A psychologist’s blog about raising and educating children through the lens innovation.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Sometimes the simple meals are the ones that everyone eats. Meatballs are pretty much a hit in our family all year long and this recipe can be used for Passover too! Ingredients 2 pounds of ground turkey, chicken, or beef (can be mixed together) 12 ounces of mushrooms...

Kosher for Passover (or anytime) Sorbet

Kosher for Passover (or anytime) Sorbet

It's not Passover in our house unless there is sorbet. This simple, yet elegant dessert cleanses the pallet and serves as a delightful lingering taste before the Afikomen is discovered. It works well with any fruit juice, but our favorite is mango. If you haven't...

Debi’s Passover Blueberry Muffins/Cake

Debi’s Passover Blueberry Muffins/Cake

As part of a recipe exchange at work, my wife came home with this incredible Passover recipe from Rabbi Debi Wechsler. We stopped making it into muffins and started making it as a breakfast cake. Over the years, we have substituted chocolate chips or other fruits for...

Hello! I’m Dr. Ari Yares

Licensed Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist based in Maryland with offices in North Bethesda and Germantown. I trained as a school psychologist at Temple University and formerly supervised special education evaluations for preschool age children in the District of Columbia.

I have previously worked as the Head of School at Gross Schechter Day School, Upper School Principal of the Schechter School of Long Island, Head of Middle School at Krieger Schechter Day School, and a school psychologist for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. 

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