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Making Date Night Work When You Can’t Leave the House

Let's face it. With almost everyone impacted by stay-at-home orders, getting a babysitter to help make date night happen is going to be a bit tricky. In fact, it's probably impossible and not recommended, either. Yet, a regular date night is important to help maintain...

Dealing with Fighting Siblings

Having brothers and sisters in closer quarters can make for lots of tense moments. Kids don't always know how to resolve conflict and things can escalate pretty quickly. Learn some strategies for intervening and not making things worse. https://youtu.be/F4GZbm_PvcA

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Creating Systems

Getting our kids to do things can be tricky. But remember how difficult it is to start a new habit for yourself? When we want to do something new, we create reminders, incentives, and commitment devices to encourage (or discourage) a behavior. These systems allow us...

Creating a Calming Corner at Home

Being at home can be stressful for parents and kids alike during the COVID-19 stay-at-home. It's tough being in close quarters all the time and stress levels can get elevated. Calming down isn't as easy as saying just calm down. Here's a great way to create a peaceful...

Mental Health Minute: Creating Routine

Here's a Mental Health Minute to help you with your self-care during the Coronavirus stay-at-home period.

We’ve Got Cabin Fever!: Dealing with Kids after Weeks in Quarantine

There's not a lot that's memorably about 1996's Muppet Treasure Island film unless you are a fan of watching Tim Curry chew up the scenery while talking to Kermit the Frog. One song does stick out, when the Muppets, stuck on a becalmed sailing ship, break into song...

Let’s Throw a TeleParty: Making a Quarantine Birthday Special

The coronavirus has hit everyone hard during these last several weeks. But aside from those actually infected or suspected of being infected, the most severely impacted might be those with upcoming celebrations that have needed to be scaled back or even canceled....

Structure the Unstructured: Surviving the #flattenthecurve Quarantine with Your Kids

As I write this, my community is just ending day 1 of the #flattenthecurve quarantine and I've already read for panicked messages and posts about challenges having any structure in the kids' day and trying to get work done than I'd normally read in a year. The stress...

Coronavirus Resources for Parents

Dealing with life in quarantine, with schools canceled and jobs moved to telework, is something that most of us never expected would occur. Getting through the next few weeks (or longer) will be stressful and challenging. Here are resources to help you navigate the...

Parenting Strategies to Kid Habits: Promoting Scientific Thinking

Helping a young child learn and grow means encouraging their scientific thinking - how they ask questions and express their curiosity and wonder at the world around them. The activities that we pick to do with our children can help this flourish, even without taking a...

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