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Redefining Socialization and Friendship for Kids in the Age of COVID

A school administrator that I recently spoke with jokingly shared that at least the school isn't worried about lice spreading anymore since the kids aren't allowed to be close enough for lice to spread. While this might be a silver lining (and I've organized enough...

Oh Omicron: 25 Stay at Home Activities for Winter Break during a COVID Surge

As we got ready for winter break, we had yet another cold weather, outdoor playdate over the weekend. It lasted longer than expected but still ended the same way that most of these outdoor playdates have, with chattering teeth and complaints of being too cold. Yet,...

Are We Post-COVID? Helping Your Family Adjust

With the warmth of the summer building, we’re starting to think about the fun of summer. This summer, though, might be a little different because we might be moving towards post-COVID life.
Many families are apprehensive about returning completely to normal. Yet, we want our kids to have a normal summer. So what do we do?

Surviving the Winter of COVID-19

It can be difficult in the best of years to weather the winter months and this year with its COVID-19 restrictions is going to be even harder. Join Dr. Ari Yares, psychologist and parent coach, to learn how to work through these challenges and emerge into the spring...

Hot Chocolate Breathing

It's cold outside and time to start thinking of warm drinks and sitting by the fire. While you are sipping your hot chocolate, take a moment to use it to practice breathing calming and pushing the holiday stress away. Watch this video to learn how you and your kids...

8 Pieces of Advice for the 2020 Holidays

Holidays can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. 2020 will be no exception and with the challenges of COVID-19, probably even more stressful. Watch as Dr. Ari Yares shares ideas on how to create a healthier holiday experience for you and your family with just a little...

Managing Anxiety in Children at This Time of Uncertainty

This presentation was hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington at the start of the stay-at-home order in the DC metropolitan area. You can watch the video on the Federation website.

Back to School?: Remote Learning and Special Education

School districts are announcing their plans for the upcoming school year. Unlike the end of the prior school year, we've had time to think about how remote learning will impact kids, particularly those receiving special education services....

It’s All about the Mindset

It's been exhausting staying at home with our kids. Juggling work, distance learning, and keeping a household together has stressed everyone. How we approach this challenge and how we encourage our children to continue to thrive requires shifting to a growth mindset....

Steps for Better Sleep

Sleep is so important, yet, we often neglect it. As parents, we also frequently set a bad example for sleep habits for our kids, yet we wonder why they have problems sleeping. Here are a few strategies that could improve sleeping for the whole family....

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