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Managing Anxiety in Children at This Time of Uncertainty

This presentation was hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington at the start of the stay-at-home order in the DC metropolitan area. You can watch the video on the Federation website.

Back to School?: Remote Learning and Special Education

School districts are announcing their plans for the upcoming school year. Unlike the end of the prior school year, we've had time to think about how remote learning will impact kids, particularly those receiving special education services....

It’s All about the Mindset

It's been exhausting staying at home with our kids. Juggling work, distance learning, and keeping a household together has stressed everyone. How we approach this challenge and how we encourage our children to continue to thrive requires shifting to a growth mindset....

Steps for Better Sleep

Sleep is so important, yet, we often neglect it. As parents, we also frequently set a bad example for sleep habits for our kids, yet we wonder why they have problems sleeping. Here are a few strategies that could improve sleeping for the whole family....

Kids, Masks, and COVID-19

One of the challenges of re-opening is the requirement that face masks be worn in a variety of settings. Sending kids out in masks is going to be more complicated than getting them to put on sunscreen or wear a hat. https://youtu.be/KaYGqqZ7BhY

Answer a Question with a Question

With our kids at home all the time now due to COVID-19, helping them build better executive functioning skills is incredibly important. These skills will help them build more independence and will serve them well at home and at school. Here's one strategy to help you...

Surviving the Summer of COVID-19

At this point, school is out across the United States. After the initial wave of relief of no more remote learning, a sense of dread is building in many parents' stomachs as they realize that there are more than two months of childcare to fill before a possible return...

Better Verbal Praise

How we talk to our kids can impact how they respond to us. Praise is important, but kids are great at detecting when we aren't authentic. Here are some ways to up your verbal praise game without being fake. https://youtu.be/DQrfLxCsrHk More Resources Do You Praise...

Making Date Night Work When You Can’t Leave the House

Let's face it. With almost everyone impacted by stay-at-home orders, getting a babysitter to help make date night happen is going to be a bit tricky. In fact, it's probably impossible and not recommended, either. Yet, a regular date night is important to help maintain...

Dealing with Fighting Siblings

Having brothers and sisters in closer quarters can make for lots of tense moments. Kids don't always know how to resolve conflict and things can escalate pretty quickly. Learn some strategies for intervening and not making things worse. https://youtu.be/F4GZbm_PvcA

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