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Reading to Your Toddler

We all want to read to our kids. But it can be a bit of a challenge to read to your toddler. They won't sit still when reading, try to turn the pages, or just simply lose interest. Here are some tips to help get them engaged in reading.

504 Plans vs. IEPs: Does It Matter?

Getting your child help at school can be confusing and intimidating. There are all sorts of new terms to understand, deadlines to track, and policies to follow. While the law requires parental participation and informed consent, even the most informed parents can...

A Minute to Kvetch

All kids whine and kvetch. It seems to be a given. But, it can be annoying, particularly when it happens all of the time. How do we channel the kvetching so that it doesn't drive us nuts while still allowing and encouraging our children to share how they feel?...

New Page on Site: Guided Imagery Resources

Guided imagery is a mindfulness technique that uses mental images to help a child or adolescent relax or support them through dealing with a problem. Research shows that guided imagery can help the body and mind relax. It assists in managing symptoms of anxiety and...