Beth Sholom ECC Spring Parenting Series

Join Dr. Ari Yares as he presents a series of workshops in partnership with the Beth Sholom Early Childhood Center. To register, click on the workshop you want to attend.

Each workshop is $15 per person. Tickets available at the door.

All events take place at Beth Sholom Congregation, 11825 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20854.

A Parents’ Guide to Developmental Milestones

Tuesday, May 1st (8-9pm)

We all read lots of books while we were pregnant, but what should we expect from our kids now that we are done expecting? Learn about developmental milestones for young children and some basic strategies for helping to promote healthy developmental trajectories. You’ll leave with tools to help you track your child’s development beyond just height and weight.

Dealing with Temper Tantrums and Other Behavioral Challenges

Tuesday, May 15th (8-9pm)

Temper tantrums can be hard to deal with. They stress us out and we get embarrassed when others see us and our child at our worst. Join us to learn concrete strategies to help manage your child’s behavior when it goes off the rails.

Building Resilience in Ourselves and Our Children

Tuesday, June 5th (8-9pm)

You’ve heard the buzzwords – grit, growth mindset, mindfulness – but what do they really mean? We all want our kids to bounce back after adversity, but what do we do as parents to help them become more resilient. And what about our own self-care? Learn strategies to help promote resilience in your kids and yourself.