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Expert Tips on Making Chore Charts Work

Getting kids to get their chores done can be a pretty big pain in the neck for parents. We want them to develop the work ethic that goes along with chores, plus sometimes we just want the extra help around the house. Yet, it feels like it might just be easier to do it...

Top Parenting Strategy Videos for 2018

Over the course of the past year, I have shared a number of videos with you. Each designed to get you to think a little bit more about your parenting strategies and how to approach some of the more complicated topics that face parenting. As you think about that parenting New Year’s resolution, here are the top five videos from 2018.

Top Parenting Strategy Blog Posts for 2018

With a new year almost upon us, many of us are thinking back on the kind of parents we were in 2018. Being reflective can be a little scary, but if we don't look back, it makes looking forward even harder. The upcoming new year gives us an opportunity to commit to...