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Multitasking: Homework Help or Hindrance?

True confession. I've got two screens at work and at home. More often than not, I've got something up on the second screen that is only tangentially connected to the work that I’m doing. That second screen might have Facebook or my Gmail account open or that really...

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The Family “Bucket List”

"I'm bored." It's probably one of the last phrases you want to hear from your kids. Too often, our kids expect us to serve as cruise director for them and keep them entertained at all times. What if we turned the tables and got them involved in the planning of family...

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How Parents Can Ignite Your Child’s Interest in Reading

It's Read Across America Week in most schools this week. We often focus on the mechanics of reading without paying as much attention as we should to whether or not a child is enjoying reading. As parents, we play a significant role in building our children's interest...

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