It has been an incredibly busy week. We have had evening programs, step up nights, field trips and special programs throughout the week. These changes to our routine help deepen our students’ classroom experiences and connect them to the real world, the next steps in their education, and ignite their passion for learning.
At the risk of stealing the thunder of our faculty, I’m very excited that our expanded Reading Week program is continuing the excitement next week. This is an incredible celebration of reading and literacy that the faculty and staff have been hard at work on for weeks. Last year, our theme was “Go for the Gold: Read for Life,” and students experienced a series of  Olympic-themed programs that encouraged reading and promoted literacy.

This year, the theme is “Schechter Celebrates Reading,” and I’m delighted to announce that the program is now the Sveta Grinberg Read for Life Program.

Who is Sveta Grinberg?

Sveta is the daughter of Mikhail and Ida Grinberg, who, unfortunately, passed away as a young adult. Sveta is most remembered for her passionate love of reading. She was never without a book, or several, and enjoyed learning and exploring as she read. At work, Sveta encouraged others to read. She kept a box by her desk and placed her finished books in it for her colleagues to grab and read for themselves. In her memory, her parents created the Sveta Grinberg Memorial Literacy Endowment Fund at Schechter as an enduring way of celebrating this important aspect of Sveta’s life.

Over the last several years as the fund has grown, it has supported our Reading Week program and now supports the larger and longer Sveta Grinberg Read for Life Program. It is in Sveta’s memory that we dedicate this program and we hope that all of our students will share her love of reading as they grow.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Ari Yares
Head of School

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