Sometimes, during lunch, some students get a little extra work to do. We gave a small group of middle school students a writing assignment. It wasn’t for extra credit from one of their classroom teachers, but rather a writing prompt from Mrs. Gonsenhauser. Sitting together gathered around the conference table, they wrote what they would tell a prospective parent about Schechter.

Here are (in their own words) some of their responses:

I would tell them about the buddy programs, the really fun programs you get to do in the Lower School; the TOPS program, the privileges you have in Middle School and how everyone knows each other and when you are new, you are surrounded by people who want to be friends with you.

The education is unique and different to a lot of other schools in the area. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers plan the lesson so that they can help each students’ individual needs. Overall, Schechter is an amazing school that any child would thrive in.

Schechter has a great Jewish learning opportunity. I’ve grown so much and it is nice because you know most people and teachers, no matter what grade you are in. Teachers are always kind and able to help you.

Amazing, isn’t it? These students get Schechter and know the value of their Schechter education. This writing assignment was part of the initial training for a new cohort of Student Ambassadors. These notes are from the beginning of their training before we’ve helped the students practice telling the many stories that they have about their Schechter experience.

We will be working with them over the next several weeks on a variety of public speaking skills that support their role as ambassadors and prepare them to guide tours around the school. We ask each ambassador at the conclusion of a tour to send a follow-up note to the family. I’m looking forward to sharing their next writing assignment in a future post.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Ari Yares
Head of School

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