As I write this, I am a little in shock that a year has passed. Is it really the end of the school year already? Are we truly saying good-bye to the students for the summer? I don’t have door duty next week?

It has been an incredible year for the school and an amazing one for me, as well. There is something special about your first year in a school, and seeing it come to a close is a bit bittersweet. I have enjoyed so many new experiences and begun wonderful relationships. A part of me wants to hang on to this sense of “newness” for a little bit longer.

Looking back, though, I am grateful for so many things, so as the year comes to a close, it is time for a thank you note.

Todah Rabah (thanks so much) to…

Kehillat Schechter for warmly welcoming my family and supporting us in the days and weeks following Gilad’s birth.
The faculty for providing our students with an education that makes them run into the building day after day.
Our office staff – Mary Anne Donovan, Nikki Blake, Deanna Martin, and Shanna Mitchell – who continually put the kids first and keep the wheels of the school greased.
Our Lead Teachers – Davida Amkraut, Judy Shamir, Tracey Bortz, Sue Foley, and Laurie Gross-Kamer – for sharing their passion and commitment to the school and serving as my partners.
The Finance and Development offices – Jennifer Kercher, Lance Colie, Rachel Lappen, and Anita Ratliff – who’s behind the scenes work supports the Schechter experience.
Rachel Gonsenhauser, the Parent Ambassadors, and the Student Ambassadors who help tell the Schechter story to so many new families and strengthen and grow our community.
The Kitchen staff who know that the school runs on its stomach, and our Facilities staff who helps keep our beautiful school in great shape.
Our parents who entrust with us their most precious possessions, their children, and partner with us in creating a community of mensches.
Our grandparents whose encouragement and support help strengthen students’ success and their bonds to family and Jewish life.
Our alumni and parents of alumni whose continued involvement and support today help ensure success for the next generation.
Our donors who enable us to create this Experience for Life.
Our partners at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland whose support and guidance is critical to our success.
Rabbi Melinda Mersack and the entire Board of Directors for their on-going support of all of our efforts.
Finally, thank you to our students who, day in and day out, share with us their curiosity and passion as we learn with you.

To all of you, rav todot (many thanks) for making this an incredible school year.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. We look forward to welcoming you back on August 21.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Ari Yares

Head of School

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