Let’s be honest. A thousand dollars is a lot of money. If you had the opportunity to put a thousand dollars in your pocket, you probably would (as long as it was legal and ethical, of course). For example, if you could talk about your kids and post on Facebook in order to make a thousand dollars, wouldn’t you?

This is the heart of our referral incentive program. Engage your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or the people that you are standing in line next to at Target about Gross Schechter Day School. Talk about the incredible experience that your children (and you) are having in preschool, lower school, or middle school. Help them become excited about seeing their children as part of Schechter.

Still not convinced that you could do this? Try these facts out:

Schechter is home to award winning teachers. Just last week, Science teacher Matt Norton was awarded the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland’s Steiger Family Education Grant recognizing his commitment to student learning. Just ask his students about how incredible a science class with Mr. Norton can be.

Students at Schechter have read over 600 books as part of the Read for Life – Go for the Gold program. This is in addition to any assigned reading that they might be doing. Parents are talking about their children gravitating towards books instead of away.

After our recent PJ Havdallah event, one middle schooler who’s younger buddy needed to leave early commented that he did not have a chance to say good-bye. Back at school on Monday, the middle schooler went on the hunt to find his younger companion for a proper good-bye hug. Another middle schooler at the event, seeing that a preschooler’s buddy wasn’t in attendance, quickly adopted the younger child and kept her by her side throughout the night. Real life mensches.

Beginning next year, children ages 18 months and up (by September 30) are welcome to be part of the 2’s class, which will be up to five full days (another new change!).

Lots of opportunities are coming up to get new families recruited to Schechter and you can be the source of the referral and earn $1,000 tuition credit when the new family enrolls.

Our Science Spectacular Playdate last year was a huge success, with at least three new families claiming that was what sold them on the school. The more people we have here on February 9, 10-11:30 AM, the more people there will be to enjoy Mr. Norton’s wonders.

In case you can’t make it in February (or just want another terrific activity on a Sunday morning), we’ll be hosting Creation Celebration Little Artist Workshop on March 9, 10-11:30 AM, including a costume exchange for kids up to grade 5. More details coming soon.

Still feeling a little hesitant? Need some more help? We’re here to help you practice! Come to the Parent Training on Tuesday night, January 21 at 8:00 PM in the Media Center.

Shabbat Shalom,

Dr. Ari Yares

Head of School

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