Dear Shareholders,

As the school’s new chief executive officer, I wanted to share with you that Gross Schechter Day School is proud to announce that we will continue our practice of paying dividends on your investment in the school. Our forecasts predict that this investment will continue to grow in the future.

Just this week, we have seen our dividends pay out in the following ways:
Gabe, a seventh grader, was inspired by the Rube Goldberg machine in our hallway to build his own at home. His purpose, however, was not to catch a mouse, but rather to wish his classmate Jack mazal tov on his Bar Mitzvah in a unique and creative way.

At another Schechter Bar Mitzvah, David, an eighth grader, shared words of Torah and inspired the congregation to embrace the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests). He spoke about his own family’s desire to elevate this mitzvah and how his experience as a student ambassador and member of Kehillat Schechter has pushed him to make this mitzvah his own.

On Sunday, a group of Schechter middle school students volunteered as solicitors for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland’s Super Sunday. With confidence, poise, and energy, they called potential donors asking them to step up to the plate to support the Cleveland Jewish community. Josh, a sixth grader, so impressed a donor with his confidence and enthusiasm that the donor dramatically increased the donation!

A group of 5th graders wrote, starred, and produced their own video for their planet project and had the self-confidence to include their own blooper reel.

Several alumni have reached out to Middle School lead teacher Davida Amkraut asking to partner with her and counselor Dana Blocker in the transition to high school process for this year’s 8th graders.

Three Schechter alumnae at Laurel School recently scored in the top 2% of all participants in the Ohio Mathematics League competition in their first contest of the year.

And, of course, this week’s Super Mensches are part of the school’s dividends.

Gross Schechter Day School is excited to share with you these dividends and the return on your investment. We look forward to making similar reports in the future.

Shabbat Shalom,
Dr. Ari Yares

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