Over the course of the year, I have shared with you a variety of sounds that have been heard in the hallways and classrooms of Schechter. Last week, our Upper School lobby was the site of a new sound. Listen to it here.

Recognize it? It is the sound of an incoming Skype call. Student Life Director Mike Hirsch has brought a netbook and wireless modem on the senior class trip to Israel. Each time we  hear that noise, whoever is in the hallway gathers around one of the LCD screens in the lobby to check in on the latest news of the trip.

Through our digital connection to the seniors, we have been treated to beautiful scenes of Israel and tasted the seniors’ enthusiasm for this incredible culminating experience of their Schechter education. Their excitement has been a welcome break from the serious atmosphere that surrounds finals and Regents’ exams as we move closer toward the end of the school year.

For many of our students, this trip seems like such a far away activity for them. Having our seniors, along with their chaperones – Rabbi Rabin, Mrs. Hiltzik, and Mike Hirsch, on the screen, we bring this closing Schechter experience a little closer and whet the appetites of our 6th through 11th graders just a little bit more for a trip that will be the experience of a lifetime.

So, we continue to look forward for each time that we hear the sound of a Skype call coming in and wish our seniors a continued nesiyah tova – a safe and enjoyable trip.

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