Wednesday around lunchtime, students and some faculty were a bit perplexed by the noises emanating from the lobby of the Upper School. At times, it seemed melodic and would resonate down the hall in a pleasing manner. What could the noise possibly be? Cautiously, the students and staff peered around the corner or stepped out of their offices to see what was going on.

Huddled around a electronic keyboard with Joan Freeman Cohen at the keys, were four members of our staff, Barbara Mann, Becky Friedman-Charry, Mike Bourdet, and myself. Furiously studying sheet music for several songs, this small group was launching the first Schechter School of Long Island Guerilla Choir.

What is a Guerrilla Choir? Think of it as a musical flash mob – several people gathering together for the expressed purpose of singing a little bit. No prior rehearsals, just some sight singing with a little piano help to make sure that we stayed in the same key.

Of course, being a group of singing educators, we did have an ulterior motive which was to pique the interest of Schechter students and staff in exploring organized vocal music. In other words, you can sing in places other than the shower. Already students have been approaching us and asking, “What was that for?”

The Guerilla Choir will strike again in a few weeks during lunch on Feb. 4. If you are in the building, join us and hum along for a few bars.

Shabbat Shalom!

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