It has been more than a week since we returned from winter vacation and, because so much goes on at the Upper School,  it seems like the distant past. Opportunities continue to abound here at the Schechter School of Long Island for students to engage their curiosity and to grow as individuals as we plan and participate in upcoming special events and programs.

With the American elections behind us, the school turned its focus to the upcoming Israeli elections. Discussions began in Hebrew classes as students began to learn about the Israeli elections. Given the complexities and differences from American politics, it was clear that students needed an in-depth briefing to help them negotiate the Israeli political landscape. Which parties advocated for which issues? What does it mean to be on the right or the left in Israel? And how exactly is the government formed when there is no direct election of the prime minister?

Enter Kenneth Bob, chair of the American Zionist Movement, president of Ameinu, and SSLI alumni parent. In his talk with students, Mr. Bob sketched out the roots of Israeli politics and connected formative Israeli leaders such as Menachem Begin and David Ben-Gurion to their political affiliations, helping the students contextualize their understanding of Israeli history with its politics. He then moved on to outline the current political landscape, describing the parties standing for election to the Knesset. Students left with a clearer understanding of the complexities of Israeli politics and basis for understanding the Israeli election news that we will read over the next several weeks.

On separate front, auditions and casting are complete for the high school’s spring musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. Thank you to the faculty who assisted Joan Freedman Cohen in the audition process. Excitement is already building for this new production and we look forward to the cast taking the stage for the 10th anniversary performance of the Schechter spring musical at the Long Island Children’s Museum on March 7, 9 and 10

It has been a great start to the new year.

Shabbat Shalom!

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