As a Jewish educator, I have a love/hate relationship with the chagim. There is something special about the opportunities that the fall chagim offer us: to reflect on who we are through the High Holidays and then immerse ourselves in the sheer joy of Sukkot and, in particular, of Simchat Torah. Yet, at the same time, I crave the regularity of my routines.

With the end of the chagim, we are all settling into our routines. Classes are well underway and students and teachers are busy with teaching and learning. Each week in the Friday Letter, in addition to highlighting special programs, I will be shining the spotlight on various areas of our curriculum (this week art in the middle school and science in the high school). I look forward to sharing these moments with you throughout the school year.

As we began the chagim, we said shechiyanu, thanking God for bringing us to this moment. As we end the chagim, we also say shechiyanu, thanking God for the opportunity to settle into our routines.

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