Sukkot is a holiday about thanksgiving. The American Thanksgiving is even modeled on it. From a historical perspective, the harvest is in and we are excited (hopefully) that the land has provided for us with sustenance for another season. We recite in the Amidah each day of the holiday that Sukkot is z’man simchateinu (our time of rejoicing).

Not everyone, however, has enough to eat and views the end of the growing season as a time of rejoicing. The fragility of our sukkot as we sit outside for our meals reminds us of this. Today, on our inaugural Hesed Day in the Upper School, we explored the role of hunger in the world with the help of American Jewish World Service. High School students further delved into the topic in small breakout groups while Middle School students explored a gallery of images of a typical meal in different parts of the world.

At its core, the message that students heard today that was that Ani V’atah N’shaneh Et Ha’Olam. Listen as a group of Schechter students brings this message to life through song. For more on the progra, please check out this post from Paw Print Now.

As I wandered through the halls during hol ha-moed Sukkot, these were the sounds of Schechter.

Shabbat Shalom V’Chag Same’ach!

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