Not every Jewish day school shuts down its academic operations at the start of the school year to send its high school students, faculty and administration off on a retreat. Yet, each year, the Schechter School of Long Island does just that.

In a world, where academic pressure seems to always be building, why is it so important that we do this?

The High School Shabbaton provides an opportunity for us to truly emphasize one of the core pillars that makes being at a Jewish day school, in particular, our school, so important. Rather than focusing on English, Biology or Hebrew, we commit ourselves to enhancing, supporting, and growing our sense of kehillah, of community.

The walls of the classroom tumble down and are replaced by the rolling hills of Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. We sit, eat, study, daven, and play together in an environment designed to draw us closer together. The bonds formed through color war, bonfires, and just hanging out strengthen our community and help sustain us through the year ahead.

I look forward to joining the students for my first Shabbaton with them and continuing to draw closer to the entire Schechter community.

Shanah Tova v’Shabbat Shalom!

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