Dr. Ari S. Yares

Ari is a licensed psychologist and parent coach based in Potomac, MD. He trained as a school psychologist at Temple University and currently supervises special education evaluations for preschool age children in the District of Columbia.

He has previously worked as the Head of School at Gross Schechter Day School, Upper School Principal of the Schechter School of Long Island and the Head of Middle School at Krieger Schechter Day School.  He has also served as a school psychologist for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Ari is an alumnus of the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) and the Art of Leadership program at Harvard’s Principals’ Center. 

Download my resume for my full work history.

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Parent Coaching

Working with parents in person or virtually to help set up routines,  talk through parenting problems, and create effective parenting plans.

Navigating Your Child's Education

Acting as a resource for parents to help parents navigate the education process or understanding special education processes and services.

Behavior Problems

Helping parents figure out helpful techniques to solve behavior problems.

School Consulting


Working with schools to manage the accrediation process smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Development

Running workshops and developing professional development for schools.

Crisis Management

Creating and establishing crisis plans for schools.

Parent Coaching

Raising children can be challenging and sometimes feels isolating. We’re often overwhelmed and unsure of where to look for support. If you are looking to feel more confident in parenting skills, then parent coaching may be for you.

Parent coaching can provide you with on-going or short-term support to help you raise your kids and navigate through parenting challenges. It is solution-oriented and designed to help you develop effective strategies.

As a licensed psychologist (MD) and former principal, I offer local (DC metro area) and virtual parent coaching to help you build your parenting skills and become a more innovative, effective parent.


Parent Organization


Sibling Rivalry


Parenting Goals


Early Childhood


Education Planning


Behavior Strategies


Digital Responsibility


Difficult Conversations


Stress Management


Teenage Years

Navigating your Child’s Education

You may have a child who is excelling in school and is bored or a child who is struggling to meet grade level requirements. Having worked in schools for the last 15 years as a school psychologist and education administrator, I can help you navigate the special education process and provide you with questions to ask your school or resources on services that might be available. Some of the areas are:

  • Education concerns
  • Educational placement
  • Work with schools, camps, or other organizations
  • Provide you with tips to support  executive functioning in your child
  • Cultivating the relationship between you and your child’s teachers
Who do you work with?

I can help you navigate the process with your school, camp, or other organization.

My child seems bored at school, what can I do?

Many schools provide resources for students who excel within their classes. Teacher can often provide games that can expand the child’s knowledge without it feeling like they have to do more work. Some schools even provide enrichment opportunities. I can work with you to identify what options are available.

I don't understand my child's Individual Education Plan (IEP), can you help me?

I can help you read and understand any educational plan. He can also help you with determining action items based upon the IEP.

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